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Strengthening our communities today. Collectively transforming tomorrow.

Founded in 1996 by Daniella Levine Cava, Catalyst Miami is a nonprofit that works with communities to address immediate needs and build a better future together.

At Catalyst Miami, we believe change happens when communities affected by injustice can lead the solutions and shape the underlying systems. That’s why our mission is to build power with frontline communities throughout Miami-Dade County to collectively advance justice and achieve shared prosperity. This is how we move toward our ultimate vision of a just society where everyone can lead healthy, prosperous, self-determined lives.

To solve our community’s challenges, we must collectively address the root causes—the forces and structures that led to our conditions in the first place. We work with residents and partners across our region to transform the economic, social, and political systems that still exclude and oppress many people, especially Black and Brown communities. Our aim is to collaboratively catalyze new systems rooted in equity and solidarity that allow for all Miamians to thrive.

Through tailored programs and collective initiatives, we offer paths to prosperity for individuals, businesses, and communities alike. In addition to supporting families and businesses through a variety of free services, we focus on catalyzing opportunities for frontline communities to strengthen our neighborhoods, expand local ownership, and shape public policy. Our advocacy and leadership training programs, as well as our community economic development initiatives, contribute to an ever-growing network of grassroots leaders transforming our region from the ground up. 

​​All these efforts contribute to the unified, influential, multigenerational movement that we need to usher in a more just and joyful future for all who call Miami-Dade home. 

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Catalyst Miami's power-building strategies are founded on the twin pillars of economic and democratic inclusion.

What We Do

  • Improve lives through free services and innovative economic security programs     
  • Support equitable economic development in communities that have been excluded from decades of wealth-building
  • Build grassroots power and achieve better policies through engagement and advocacy

What We Strive For

  • To advance racial, economic, and gender justice by shifting systems that lead to inequity in the first place
  • To expand community control and ownership, and catalyze grassroots change led by our communities
  • To ensure equitable access to the economy and increase participation in our democratic processes

What We Stand For

Human Dignity

Human Dignity









Our strategies all work together to build people power.

Prosperity Services

Prosperity Services: We show up for our neighbors, helping make sure everyone has what they need to thrive. Our free services are designed to help clients access health care, nutrition, and achieve financial stability. Our clients also get involved in our policy, engagement, and community economic development work.

Community Economic Development Intro

Community Economic Development: We help Miami-Dade residents own assets such as real estate and businesses. By modeling new economic structures based on cooperation and shared prosperity, we’re showing that a more inclusive economy that works for all of us is within reach.

Policy & Engagement

Policy & Engagement: We bring community members together to build leadership skills, identify collective priorities, and advocate for the changes we want to see in our neighborhoods, our county, and our state. Through people-powered projects and movements, we’re strengthening and transforming our neighborhoods from within.

Our Integrated Vision of Thriving

Our Integrated Vision of Thriving

As our communities work together toward systems change, our guiding principles serve as the compass that directs our efforts. These principles embody our core values, beliefs, and mission, and they guide our decision-making as we strive toward our vision. By using these principles as our north star, we can ensure that our work is always aligned with our commitment to people-led transformation.

In a just society, people have equal access to the economic means necessary to lead meaningful, self-determined lives.

We work alongside our community members to address financial needs, improve health, and develop individual leadership. Together, we build the collective power to advance inclusive economic and political systems — advocating for policies and practices that end the extraction of resources and labor from people and the planet.

We recognize that in Miami-Dade County, our communities most disproportionately impacted by inequity are Black, Indigenous, immigrant, women, and people of marginalized genders. We especially honor and affirm these communities in our work, which is led by their wisdom.

People should have access to the necessary means to participate meaningfully in decisions that affect their lives.

We carry out state and local policy campaigns that are people-centered and address issues which directly impact our communities. We prioritize community input and control in government processes, and create our own avenues for community to influence government when its processes are insufficient.

Economic justice means that people and communities own and decide together how to manage our collective needs and assets — from housing and energy to economic development. Through enterprises and real estate that are cooperatively owned and managed (democratic ownership), our communities can engage in place-making, ensure environmental responsibility, and keep capital circulating locally.

A just and equitable society requires people-led processes that are built off, and shoulder-to-shoulder with, existing organizing efforts in a community.

We work to build power among underinvested communities across Miami-Dade County, reinforcing existing solidarities and expanding opportunities for united efforts. Doing so builds the grassroots power and influence needed to transform the systems and power structures impacting our communities, while rejecting divisions that allow extractive policies and practices to take root.

We approach our work with cultural humility, respecting the past, honoring local and cultural histories, and acknowledging the inherent expertise of people on the frontlines as we shape the future. We will be present and center joy, building accountable, mutually beneficial relationships with our communities.