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Igniting Community-Driven Progress

Founded in 1996, Catalyst Miami’s mission is to identify and collectively solve issues adversely affecting low-wealth communities throughout Miami-Dade County.

We help ensure that families’ basic needs are met, provide coaching and tools to establish long-term wellness, and create effective coalitions of change-makers. Our vision is a just and equitable society in which all communities thrive.

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Catalyst Miami's community-building strategies are founded on the twin pillars of economic and democratic inclusion.

What We Do

  • Improve lives through free services and innovative economic security programs     
  • Build grassroots power through coalition-building, convening, and connecting
  • Achieve better policies through engagement and advocacy

What We Strive For

  • Social and economic mobility
  • Racial justice
  • Community-centered reforms that lead to improvements in the daily lives of our constituents

What We Stand For

Self Empowerment
Self Empowerment

Our Goals

Design and Implement Innovative Programs

Design and implement innovative programs to build the health, wealth, and civic engagement of people in low-wealth communities in Miami-Dade County.

Create opportunities for community members

Create opportunities for community members, business and civic leaders to work through and solve critical community issues together.

Promote engaged community leaders

Promote engaged community leaders and constituency-informed policy and system reforms to better meet the needs of communities.

Our Vision

Our Integrated Vision of Thriving

Based on the knowledge that disruption in one area of life can cascade into other areas and threaten stability, we aim to transform lives and communities with an intersectional perspective on well-being. To build both individual and community resilience, we make connections between numerous interrelated factors that strengthen or impede household and community wellness.

Vision: Access to high-quality, affordable care

Disruption: Illness can disrupt employment, education, and finances.

Vision: Access to reliable, affordable transportation

Disruption: Lack of access to transportation disrupts education, employment, and health.

Vision: Stable and affordable family shelter

Disruption: Lack or loss of housing often disrupts employment, health, education, and finances.

Vision: Opportunity to earn a living wage

Disruption: Un-/under-employment and unfair low compensation disrupts finances, health, and education.

Vision: Financial security

Disruption: Financial instability disrupts education, health, transportation, and employment.

Vision: Equitable disaster preparation and response; clean water, air, and energy for all

Disruption: Low-wealth and minority communities disproportionately shoulder the impact of storms and climate change.

Vision: Universal access and attainment

Disruption: Inadequate and inequitable educational opportunity disrupts employment, health, and finances.