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Community Champions

Community Champions is our neighborhood-based community organizing initiative. We bring together residents who collaborate to make sure that key investments and decisions being made in their community truly center the people who live there. This way, residents themselves build their civic power and ultimately shape their neighborhoods.

Our Community Champions meet regularly to implement projects, with our support, that strengthen their neighborhoods. They work to improve infrastructure, enhance the well-being of their neighbors, engage with local governments, and reduce existing inequalities. To name just some of their efforts, our Champions are steering the early stages of our real-estate cooperative in North Miami, and rallying Overtown residents to get involved in the re-development of the communal space beneath I-395.

What We Do

Create and implement community-led events
Engage in advocacy and participate in community activities
Partner with local organizations to promote meaningful agendas and actions
Help build civic knowledge, skills, and confidence in community members

In 2022, Community Champions...


North Miami

  • Finalized criteria for investors in the North Miami Community Investment Cooperative (NM-CIC).
  • Conducted neighborhood outreach for the NM-CIC, resulting in 94 community investor interest forms submitted to Catalyst Miami.

South Dade

  • Hosted teacher appreciation events and a South Dade Faith Walk, and distributing 150 disaster preparedness kits.
  • Launched a local GirlTrek chapter that will continue to run separately from the official South Dade Champions program.

...and more!

Overtown Community Champions

Pay: $20 per hour

Hours: Maximum of 30 hours per month at your leisure

Contact: Have questions or having trouble signing up? Please send an email to Nicole Crooks at [email protected]