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Worker-Owned Business Program

Catalyst Miami is committed to building a more democratic economy in Miami. Launched in 2019, the Worker-Owned Business Program helps residents learn about and develop worker cooperatives. At worker cooperatives, employees collectively own, manage, and share profits from the business. This is an alternative business model that puts employees and community benefits at the forefront. 

In addition to increasing workers' sense of agency, employee-owned businesses also contribute to a more equitable economy. They encourage jobs that build wealth for all employees and they promote community economic development. By expanding worker cooperatives in Miami, the program contributes to a more resilient and inclusive business sector that works for all. 

"More worker-owners in the U.S. means better pay, benefits and workplaces... When low-wage workers become worker-owners, their income is 22% higher and their individual wealth increases by 17%, as compared to their non-owner peers."
- Project Equity (opens in a new tab)

This program provides everything from education about co-ops to support with launching a prospective business. It is specifically for those who are interested in learning about worker cooperatives or are already in the process of starting their own. And, for businesses that want to transition to worker ownership, this program offers the knowledge about cooperatives, management skills, financial tools, and tailored technical assistance necessary to see it through.

Academy starts on March 26. Scroll down to apply! 

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Why Worker-Owned Businesses?

Work for a business that you own and manage.
Give yourself better pay and better benefits.
Collect a chunk of the company's earnings.
Build a more just and sustainable future for your community.

Join the Program!

March 26, April 2, April 16, and April 23
3:00 – 6:00 PM
Every Sunday for 4 weeks (excluding April 9)

Miami Workers Center
745 NW 54th St
Miami, FL 33137

There is no fee to participate. Participants will be paid $15 an hour for every session they attend.

Do you have experience in cleaning, landscaping, HVAC, weatherproofing, or solar panel installations? Are you ready to own a business with your peers?

Join a training and support program to launch a worker-owned business! Teams will receive structured support while drawing on each other’s unique skills and wisdom. By joining the program, teams will have access to local funding opportunities for co-op businesses.

During the program, worker cooperative teams will:

  • Receive one-on-one mentorship and technical assistance
  • Create and test business plans
  • Incorporate and structure their business
  • Build out business operations
  • Develop marketing and sales strategies
  • Gain access to financing
  • Join a growing network of worker cooperatives in Miami-Dade. 

Please complete the short interest form on this page, and the full application on the next page. Teams will receive small business grants throughout the program after reaching business development milestones.

This cooperative program for professional cleaners is in partnership with Miami Workers Center and Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida as we collaborate to increase worker power and prosperity. 

Have more questions? Please contact De’Sean Weber at [email protected]