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Activate Overtown

This article originally appeared on on November 29, 2020.

*NOTE: you can join a live tour of Historic Overtown on the last Saturday of every month. Check out for more information!

A picture of one of the stops for the Historic Overtown legacy trek.

Going Overtown is partnering with Urban Health Partnerships (UHP) to share the Activate Overtown project throughout the month of December! Activate Overtown seeks to engage residents in thinking about how health is affected by the built environment and what’s influencing neighborhood planning, and to gather ideas and feedback that will be used to make changes that support safe walking and biking, and easy access to parks, schools, and public transit. 

You may have heard from one of of the UHP Community Liaisons over the past 6 months, who have been gathering input from peers in Overtown, on what types of temporary changes could be made to the streets, sidewalks, parks, or transit stops to allow people to test some ideas and start to engage in the process of determining how the community is developing.

As a result of those conversations and the information collected through surveys, the UHP team worked with partners, residents, and businesses to create a series of sidewalk decals that highlight the past present and future of Overtown. As you walk through Overtown this month, you’ll see sidewalk decals highlighting historic sites, decals identifying existing community assets like parks, businesses, and social service centers, and decals sharing information on how to engage in the decision making process that is determining how the neighborhood is changing. 

Here at Going Overtown, we’re excited to announce that as part of the project, we’re releasing our new interactive Overtown Directory! This online resource features a listing for each of historic sites and businesses highlighted in the decals, so you can easily learn more about the sites, search and filter based on your needs. Check out the Going Overtown directory at this link, or scan the QR code on any of the sidewalk decals you see around town. 

The historic decals provide a perfect opportunity for you to take a walk around the neighborhood, get some fresh air and hopefully learn something about people, places and events of Overtown’s past. Check out the Historic walking tour map and go on the one mile, 25-minute walk around “Little Broadway.”

We’re eager to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can work together as a community to support a healthy, active, connected Overtown.

Learn more about UHP and the Activate Overtown project at this link. Special thanks to Dr. Marvin Dunn and Dr. Enid C. Pinkney for assisting with review of the historical information, to Catalyst Miami for collaboration on historical sites, to the Overtown CRA’s Blue Shirt team for assistance with decal installation, and to to Jamile Reid for design of the decals and directory.



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