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An Initial Scan for Advancing Equity in The Clean Technologies Field: Communities, Buildings & Policy

There is a need to better understand the community health impacts of the emissions from commercial and non-residential buildings, as well as the economic impacts on communities of color., including access to capital and to healthy, affordable building space. This report, commissioned by IMT and the Institute for Sustainable Communities, focuses on the impacts and opportunities to advance equitable decarbonization for a subset of buildings that have been understudied: non-residential buildings, located in and providing services to low-income and/or communities of color.

Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome of Empowering a Green Environment and Economy set out with her team to uncover challenges and opportunities to advance energy efficiency and clean energy improvements in minority-owned buildings/businesses in six cities: Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Los Angeles, and San Francisco, CA; Miami and Orlando, FL. Dr. White-Newsome met with our Climate Justice Program Manager, Natalia Brown, to incorporate insights on efforts to achieve just energy efficiency and clean energy improvements in Miami.

You can read a blog post summary of this report or download the full report.


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