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Catalyst Miami Issues Statement in Response to the Charlottesville, Virginia Protests

Catalyst Miami Denounces White Nationalism

August 15, 2017

Catalyst Miami mourns this last weekend’s (August 12-13)  loss of lives and the mental, emotional, and bodily harm inflicted upon the counter protesters at the white nationalist rally and march in Charlottesville, Virginia. We strongly denounce the acts of terrorism and violence displayed by white supremacists and stand in solidarity with the many concerned people taking a stance against hatred, bigotry, and violence all over the United States.  We call upon all of our partners, members of our community, business leaders and, in particular, our elected leaders to raise your voices in condemnation of the dangerous rising intolerance and hatred that’s plaguing our country, and to counter it with a message of inclusion, integration, respect, and love.

It is precisely when our top leadership refuses to call out and condemn extreme acts of violence and terrorism that we must come together as a unified community. Our message should be loud and unequivocal in its firm rejection of hatred and intolerance anywhere in our nation, and our commitment to support and protect those directly targeted and threatened should become even stronger during times of crisis.

Catalyst Miami remains steadfast in our commitment to work together with our community, private, and public partners to improve economic and democratic opportunity for everyone in our community. We are now more committed than ever to working together to create and defend those opportunities and protect those who are most vulnerable to the harmful consequences of hatred and intolerance.


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