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Catalysts for Change

By becoming a founding member of our Catalysts for Change program, you'll join a community coalition of Miamians who care. In addition to helping Catalyst Miami continue to provide our programs and services at no cost to thousands of Miami-Dade residents each year, your support will also help advance systemic change as we continue working shoulder-to-shoulder with our neighbors on the frontlines. If you're interested in becoming a Catalysts for Change member, please contact Chelsea Clark, Development Director, via email at [email protected]

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Please join us in thanking our Catalysts for Change members. Together, we're transforming Miami-Dade County from the ground up. Together, we can catalyze a more just society where everyone can lead healthy, prosperous, self-determined lives.


Luminaries ($20,000+)




Igniters ($15,000+)




Motivators ($10,000+)



Accelerators ($5,000+)



Activators ($3,000+)





Sparks ($2,000+)