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Community Economic Development

We believe a just and inclusive economy is shaped by the power of people and community.

Building wealth isn’t simply financial — it takes power-building to shift systems and ensure transformative outcomes. At Catalyst Miami, we invest in communities as they self-determine how to leverage their resources. We help put power back in the hands of communities by creating wealth-building opportunities that are controlled by people themselves, and by increasing their civic engagement.

Our individualized services are designed to help families improve their health and financial stability. Our community-wide initiatives focus on incubating programs and solutions that promote economic inclusiveness and help build community-owned and -governed institutions. Our collective efforts foster more equitable, people-driven economic systems from which everyone can benefit.

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Our community-centered programs and initiatives are creating more equity.

Lowering liquid-asset poverty and financial insecurity

Lowering liquid-asset poverty and financial insecurity

Lowering unemployment and underemployment

Lowering unemployment and underemployment

Expanding wealth-building opportunities for people of all ages

Expanding wealth-building opportunities for people of all ages

Supporting local small businesses and worker cooperatives

Supporting local small businesses and worker cooperatives

Increasing access to income supports

Increasing access to health care, income supports, and financial tools via high-touch coaching

Increasing community control and ownership

Increasing community control and ownership

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Financial & Health Services

Catalyst Miami connects individuals and families to health insurance and income supports (basic needs services), and provides financial services, products, and coaching. Through partnerships, we also help clients navigate issues related to immigration, education, employment, and housing. We bring these services to where residents live and work, improving community members’ general well-being and sharing tools for them to act as advocates in their own lives.

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North Miami Community Investment Cooperative

The North Miami Community Investment Cooperative (NM-CIC) is an opportunity for North Miami residents to become property owners. Local residents will cooperatively own and operate commercial real estate, while the tenants will be local small businesses. In the first phase of each property, Catalyst Miami will oversee the purchase and initial management of the real estate. This includes making necessary repairs to the property and handling commercial tenant matters. Then, Catalyst Miami will oversee the process of selling the properties back to individual members of the community.

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Small Business Support

Small businesses are the bedrock of our local economy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Catalyst Miami was one of three organizations to receive a grant from the City of Miami to support small businesses that had suffered economic losses. We began providing technical assistance to help businesses get back on their feet, and we will continue offering this service at no cost.

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Worker-Owned Business Program

Catalyst Miami is committed to building a more democratic economy in Miami. Launched in 2019, the Worker-Owned Business Program helps residents learn about and develop worker cooperatives. At worker cooperatives, employees collectively own, manage, and share profits from the business. This is an alternative business model that puts employees and community benefits at the forefront. 

In addition to increasing workers' sense of agency, employee-owned businesses also contribute to a more equitable economy. They encourage jobs that build wealth for all employees and they promote community economic development. By expanding worker cooperatives in Miami, the program contributes to a more resilient and inclusive business sector that works for all. 

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Future Bound Miami

Future Bound Miami is a Children's Savings Account (CSA) program that establishes a free, long-term savings account for kindergarten students, increasing their readiness for college or postsecondary education. By 2023, we seek to establish a CSA for all kindergarten students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS).

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Tax Preparation

Catalyst Miami offers free tax preparation services for households earning $60,000 or less annually. We help clients file their taxes and navigate other tax-related needs.

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