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Worker-Owned Enterprises Academy Groups Present Co-op Ideas - July 2021

Staff Blog

For 12 weeks during the Worker-Owned Enterprises academy, groups gathered virtually to learn about worker cooperatives and start their journey to making their business ideas a reality. The participants learned about labor markets and how to build a market strategy; various revenue models; how to identify partnerships and conduct marketing; how to navigate finances, legal matters, and more.

At the core of their learning was a principle that is central to democratic work structures: While profits are important for a business, social responsibility and economic solidarity matter more. Cooperatives provide a tried-and-true alternative to extractive economic structures. They help foster local and generational wealth, and have been proven to lead to better social and health outcomes for their communities.

We're excited and grateful to have worked with individuals and groups who are passionate about creating a more sustainable future through democratic workplaces. This videos shows a recap of the co-op pitches that groups presented during the academy graduation in July 2021. 


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