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Disability Rights & The Enable Project

The Enable Project is a coalition led by Catalyst Miami that trains nonprofits on how to include people with disabilities in their organizations and movements. There are three main goals of this collaborative project:

  1. to help people with disabilities secure the public benefits they’re entitled to;
  2. to encourage people with disabilities to advocate and get involved in policy decisions that affect their lives; and
  3. to increase the representation of people with disabilities in social justice movements.

During 2019, the Enable Project, in collaboration with Venture Café Miami and the Cambridge Innovation Center, hosted several meet-and-greets, events, and workshops. Training and presentations focused on topics designed to increase access and inclusion in civic engagement and social justice organizing in Miami-Dade County. We placed specific emphasis on the intersection of civic engagement and disability, building capacity around disability benefits service delivery, planning accessible events, and the intersection of domestic violence/sexual assault and disability.

Enable Project partners include: The Disability Independence Group, the Advocacy Network on Disabilities, the Center for Independent Living of South Florida, and Catalyst Miami.

For information about Enable Project or how to get involved, please contact Camilo at [email protected] or follow us on LinkedIn.

Past Enable Project Trainings

Recorded webinars on topics like the intersection of disability and civic engagement, how to host an accessible event, and more.
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