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Hold the Line: Against 836 expansion

June 2018
By Tropical Audubon Society


Call & Email your own your own Commissioner and the swing votes below in bold. Ask them to HOLD THE LINE and deny SR 836 application 8, and to support transit-oriented infill development instead.

Green means already in support. Plain means no need to call.

District 1: Barbara J. Jordan
Downtown 305-375-5393
District 305-636-2331

District 2: Jean Monestime
Downtown 305-375-4833
District 305-694-2779
[email protected]

District 3: Audrey M. Edmonson
Downtown 305-375-5393     
District 305-636-2331
[email protected]

District 4: Sally A. Heyman
Downtown 305-375-5128
District 305-787-5999
[email protected]

District 6: Rebecca Sosa
Downtown 305-375-5690
District 305-267-6377
[email protected]

District 7: Xavier L. Suarez
Downtown 305-375-5680      
District 305-375-5680
[email protected]

District 8: Daniela L. Cava
Downtown 305-375-5218     
District 305-378-6677
[email protected]

District 9: Dennis C. Moss
Downtown 305-375-4832
District 305-245-4420
[email protected]

District 10: Javier D. Souto
Downtown 305-375-4835
District 305-222-2116
[email protected]

District 11: Joe A Martinez
Downtown 305-375-5511
District 305-552-1155

District 12: Jose “Pepe” Diaz
Downtown 305-375-4343
District 305-599-1200

District 13: Esteban L. Bovo Jr. (Chairman)
Downtown 305-375-4831
District 305-820-8424
[email protected]


This article was originally posted by Tropical Audubon.


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