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Joaquin Dulitzky (Development Committee Chair) | Senior Advisor, AllianceBernstein

Joaquin Dulitzky is an economist, originally from Argentina. Family governance and collaboration among generations have been an important focus of Joaquin’s life, as an enabler for long-term success of the global relationship he advises. Joaquin believes in the power of purpose-driven , impact investing . He is part of Bernstein’s senior team of advisors. For 28 years he has advised foundations on their investments and global entrepreneurs as they plan for change (exit, succession, migration). Bernstein is a global research and money management powerhouse. Along with his wife Caro and their 2 boys, they have done on-the-ground volunteer work in 16 emerging countries. Previously, he was a university professor. He enjoys reading, sailing, dancing and yoga. He is one of the worst cooks he has ever known.