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Legislation Descriptions

Full text of the legislative item.

This legislation came about after years of organizing with community members and creates a Community ID for people who are unable to have a standard government ID/license. This ID card would have an individual's basic information, address, name, height, etc. The Community ID will be an accepted form of photo identification for select County services that can be life-changing for many Miami-Dade residents, including seniors, survivors of domestic violence, formerly incarcerated or homeless individuals, foster youth, transgender individuals, and others lacking formal documentation. These residents often struggle to obtain a government-issued ID and therefore have difficulty proving who they are or are often barred from accessing basic government services.

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This legislation is focused on helping tenants receive advance notice of rent increases. There was a strong need for a longer notice period as reports were received of rents going up 65% with only a month or less of notice. The adopted legislation requires a 60-day written notice before a landlord increases rent by more than 5% when the lease ends or for month-to-month tenancies. It also extends the required written notices for eviction from 30 to 60 days. Both the rent increase and eviction notices are applicable countywide. This legislation is only part 1 of a multi-pronged approach to handling to the affordable housing crisis.

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This legislation would have the County corrections and rehabilitation department (MDCR) jail facilities make inmate calls free of charge or allocate a period for inmates to make free calls each day in the next solicitation and contract for telecommunications or communication services.

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This legislation would create the Tenant’s Bill of Rights. It would create the Housing Advocacy Department, establish what unlawful practices are, and provide for tenants notice of their rights, helpline, and website.

It would also provide protections for withholding rent to pay for neglected repairs.

  • Existing Florida Law
    • Tenants can withhold rent if a landlord fails to make a unit liveable. 
  • New County Law
    • Tenants are allowed to deduct the costs of neglected repairs from a monthly rent bill
      • Requires a tenant to give the landlord seven days to fix the alleged defect of the unit, and obtain two estimates before paying for the repairs. 

Preventing Discrimination based on past Evictions

While landlords can still research for past evictions the Tenant's Bill of Rights prohibits blanket questions about evictions during the application process. Past evictions should not be a barrier to housing. 

Establishing the County Office of Tenant Advocate

The Office of Tenant Advocate is responsible for overseeing compliance with tenants' rules and answering questions from tenants and landlords about the new law. 

  • New County Law 
    • Requires Miami-Dade to create a telephone helpline for tenants seeking assistance. 

Requires landlords to notify tenants of a new owner

The Tenant's Bill of Rights mandates that landlords notify tenants at closing that a sale of their home had occurred and identified a new landlord. 

Protecting tenants from retaliation if they seek government help from a landlord. 

The Tenant's Bill of rights gives tenants legal grounds to claim retaliation if a landlord pursues an eviction for no apparent reason other than the tenant calling the helpline within the last 60 days.