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Network Development and Support

Catalyst Miami supports new and existing networks with the goal of building capacity across sectors, issues, and communities. Examples include the Miami Climate Alliance, the Clean Energy For All coalition, the Consumer State Advocacy Project, the Miami Birth Justice Initiative, and more. By linking the grassroots leaders from our trainings and programs to groups like these, we foster sustained, effective activism. This also provides them with opportunities to be aware of what is going on nationally, statewide, and locally so they can get involved through their community projects and direct advocacy work. Network-backed action plays a critical role in policy wins on the issues we care about.

The Miami Climate Alliance is made up of 100+ organizations, as well as local residents and nationwide experts. It is dedicated to building urgency, power, and cohesion around climate change and sea level rise by achieving significant policy wins and working to establish a model for just, equitable, and resilient communities.

The Consumer State Advocacy Project, which seeks to expand Medicaid in Florida, includes partners and community members from across the state, such as the Florida Policy Institute, Florida Voices for Health, the Florida Health Justice Project, and Central Florida Jobs with Justice. Broadly speaking, the project uses national healthcare policy and its impact on local communities as a benchmark and guide to increasing access to care.