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Network Development and Support

Catalyst Miami supports new and existing networks with the goal of building capacity across sectors, issues, and communities. Two examples are the Miami Climate Alliance and the Miami-Dade Oral Health Network (MDOHN). By linking our leadership graduates to groups like these, we foster sustained, effective activism. Network-backed action plays a critical role in policy wins on the issues we care about.

The Miami Climate Alliance is made up of 80+ organizations, as well as local residents and nationwide experts. It is dedicated to building urgency, power, and cohesion around climate change and sea level rise by achieving significant policy wins and working to establish a model for just, equitable, and resilient communities.

MDOHN is a network of key organizations and leaders within the county who are connected to issues of oral health and community engagement. It is a community-centered initiative committed to developing a grassroots network that views oral health as a social justice and health equity issue; a shared understanding of the current oral health disparities in Miami-Dade County; and strategies that yield policy and systems change to address existing disparities and inequalities. In addition, MDOHN helps residents find affordable dental care and advocates for equitable policies.