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North Miami Community Investment Cooperative

The North Miami Community Investment Cooperative (NM-CIC) is an opportunity for local residents to “buy back the block” — or take ownership and control of real estate in their community. This cooperative model means that residents will own and manage commercial property together, while the tenants will be local small businesses.

In the first phase of each property, Catalyst Miami will oversee the purchase and initial management of the real estate. This includes making any needed repairs to the property and handling commercial tenant matters. Then, Catalyst Miami will oversee the process of selling the properties back to individual members of the community.

The NM-CIC project is an innovative way for residents to become property owners and have a say in the development of their neighborhood.

The NM-CIC opens up investment opportunities to working-class residents, especially as development increases in the area. The project also supports the local economy by leasing spaces to local businesses (the tenants) and offering them technical assistance through our small business services.

The NM-CIC is a model of community-level economics that supports equitable wealth-building, collective ownership, and stabilization instead of displacement.

Sign up using the form on this page to get involved! Read about the NM-CIC in the Miami Herald and BisNow.

Want to get involved?

If you live in North Miami and would like to be a part of this cooperative, please complete the form on this page. We will contact you soon about next steps! 

Download the information sheet here. 

You may also contact us directly for more information by emailing Ahmed Mori at [email protected].

The NM-CIC will...

Build wealth for families via small-dollar investments
Give community residents more control over development in their neighborhood
Support local small businesses by leasing space to them and offering them technical assistance
Provide education and capacity-building opportunities to help local, small-dollar investors govern and manage the properties