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What "Miami Our Way" Looks Like

Friend --

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it on Saturday to "Miami Our Way!" You showed up in force, brimming with ideas, and the strength to bring your vision for our county to life.

We left feeling hopeful for what's next and excited to be on this journey with you all. For those that weren't able to make it, Saturday was just the start! Keep reading for next steps and how to stay connected.

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Imagining Miami Our Way

The activist and author Adrienne Maree Brown says we are in an "imagination battle." She says, "I often feel I am trapped inside someone' else's imagination, and I must engage my own imagination in order to break free.”

To start our day together, we imagined what our community could look like. And we wrote it down. The result? This poem:

(Shout-out to Belinda Gordon-Battle for leading us in this exercise and Tykesha Renee McCoy for lending it her voice.)

What comes next?

First, if you haven't yet, please take this quick survey to give us your feedback on the event and the issues you care about. If you weren't able to attend, feel free to still fill it out that way you can give us any ideas that you wanted to share!

Your priorities will go towards new working groups that will form over the coming weeks so that we can make actionable plans toward these goals. Stay tuned to participate in these groups.

Lastly, we want to invite you to a webinar series happening tonight and next Wednesday the 16th called "Run 101." If you've ever thought about running for local office, or just want a glimpse behind the curtain, this is for you!

We'll help you decide if a political path is right for you, and you'll learn more about the campaign process in general. Sign up at!

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