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Public Allies Miami: We're Successful Because of our Partners

Public Allies Miami has been developing young leaders in our region since 2007. Public Allies is an AmeriCorps program that provides young adults with a 10-month paid apprenticeship in the nonprofit sector. The goal is to provide young adults with an opportunity that will both hone their leadership and professional skills and enable them to create change in their community. These young adults support nonprofits by increasing their capacity to fulfill their mission. In order for this program to be successful, we count on nonprofit partners that are committed to mentoring and supporting the Public Allies as much as they are to achieving their organizational mission.

Two organizations stand out as exemplary models for how nonprofits can make a huge difference in the lives of the Public Allies they host. The University of Miami’s Office of Civic and Community Engagement and The University of Miami’s Butler Center for Volunteer Service and Leadership partnered up to host two Public Allies last year. Their goal was to have the Public Allies work to develop stronger ties and collaboration between their offices. Although the Public Allies were hired to support them with their capacity and program goals, they felt that it was equally important to help their Public Allies grow stronger as professionals and leaders.

Lauren and Sibo have wonderful things to say about their host site. We thank the CCE office and the Butler Center for their dedication, support, and extraordinary leadership.

“Over the time I spent in the Public Allies program, I had the pleasure of working at the University of Miami, gaining invaluable experience in the Office of Civic and Community Engagement and the Butler Center for Volunteer Service and Leadership. As the Engagement Coordinator and Liaison between both offices, I gained many excellent professional skills under the leadership of both Robin and Andrew. Working specifically in the CCE office, I was able to develop my networking skills, practice organizing efficiently, and gain project management experience. From the intentional partnerships built through the office, to the staff's care and attention to each community project, to the consistent role modeling of how organizations engage in their community, the Office of Civic and Community Engagement truly inspired my passion to work and continue to be an active participant in my community. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Robin and her amazing staff, and I hope the CCE office continues to be a leading model for civic engagement in Miami and beyond.” - Lauren Bartlett: Public Ally Class of 2015

“After spending my Public Ally year working at the CCE office, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to polish my professional skills while experiencing an awesome organizational culture! My role as a program coordinator increased my proficiency in at least five computer software programs, including InDesign and Excel. Other skills that I took away from my experience were: professional email variance, thorough event planning, listening and synthesizing important information, and professional accountability. Still, the most important lesson I learned while working at CCE was that a successful non-profit does not have to mimic the atmosphere of a corporate office; in fact, it can feel like visiting family every day when you walk through the door.” - Sibo Charles: Public Ally Class of 2015


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