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Rachelle Desamours: A Legacy of Compassion

Photo of Rachelle Desamours: Forever Part of the Catalyst Miami Family
Rachelle Desamours was not just a team member, she was an integral part of the Catalyst Miami family. Throughout her 11 years at the organization, she was a kind and supportive colleague, a devoted ally to her clients, and a passionate advocate for her community. Her passing leaves an immeasurable void in our hearts. 

Miss Rachelle, as her clients called her, never hesitated to provide whatever they needed—she always found a way to show up for them, to make their situation better. She was a truly radiant light in this world and in the lives of many. Miss Rachelle represented the best in us. She made you believe in the goodness in people. She is unforgettable and irreplaceable. 

We are saddened and missing her deeply, yet thankful to have been on the receiving end of her light throughout these years. We will work hard every day to follow her example and continue her legacy. 

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A Tribute to Rachelle by her Colleagues

Coach and Coworker

Miss Rachelle was a diligent coach who would jump through hoops for her clients. They knew they could count on her support, attentiveness, and advocacy. 

Rachelle working with client at her desk

During our annual Client Appreciation Day, her clients would always show up, often leaving work to do so, just because she asked them—and they were happy to do it. At the 2020 Client Appreciation Day, one client shared that thanks to Miss Rachelle, he was able to save enough money to buy a house. 

She always treated her clients with kindness, while also holding them accountable. She understood what it was like to be an immigrant who's new to a country, and the challenges and obstacles they face. Empathy was in her DNA. 

Miss Rachelle won our organization's Compassion Award several years in a row. And no one ever wondered why. 

Santra, Nina, Rachelle holding up their awards

Rachelle and Catalyst Miami staff holding up their awards

She was always available to speak to you, and if you called her and she didn't respond, she would get back to you the same day. She was happy to talk to you and help you any way she could. 

Rachelle at her desk with a client

Miss Rachelle worked with the utmost integrity and made sure her clients and partners knew it. Although people saw her kindness, she didn't let them think that it was a weakness. Kindness was her strength. 

As her teammate Jessica said, "Miss Rachelle was sweet, but she wasn't a softie."

"Miss Rachelle was gentle, but also had a humorous, snarky side that wasn't reserved for anyone special, because everyone could get a little taste of what it was like when you didn't do what was expected. LOL! *wrrrao!* I saw her be fierce yet eloquent, and it's not many people who can do that." 

Rachelle with coworker Jessica

An Exemplary Mother and Daughter

To her two sons, Miss Rachelle was a very loving mother and good example for them to follow. She adored her children, yet, like the good mother she was, she wasn't afraid to give them a piece of her mind.

She also deeply loved her father, who lived in Haiti. She would talk about her father, who she and her siblings called "The General" when they were young, and she would constantly send care packages back home for him. 

Words and Wishes from Colleagues

"Rachelle was reserved and gentle, but don't be mistaken: she was a force of nature. I could count on her to bring positivity to the most difficult conversations. I counted on her to lift the experiences and perspectives of those upon whom we center our mission. We all counted on Rachelle. She was a moral compass. She lived and breathed the essence of what it means to be a catalyst."

"Rachelle was one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met. She was devoted to others and went above and beyond to advocate for underserved communities. Rachelle had such a warm spirit that touched everyone she came into contact with. I believe that there is a special place reserved in Heaven for Rachelle amongst the saints and angels. I will always remember our talks and the laughs we shared. Rachelle was very much a motherly figure to members of the Prosperity Team. She will truly be missed. My hope is that we use her life as an example of how we should treat one another."

"I'll always remember that smile. Her contagious positive energy of selflessness that she displayed EVERYDAY! Rachelle was one of the most PRIVATE people I knew. So, our in depth conversations always meant so much to me. It proved her love and trust to confide in me. Rachelle was always open to learning something new, no matter how challenging it was. She always volunteered her time even when she wasn't sure if Jordan would be available, lol. Rachelle was my girl! And I'll always love, miss, and cherish all of our memories. FOREVER."

"Rachelle was a dear colleague, friend, and sister.
Rachelle was such a beautiful person, inside and out.
She had a big heart and cared deeply for her colleagues and clients.
Rachelle would go above and beyond to ensure the needs of our clients were met. She loved her clients and they loved her even more. We would be jealous of how they would bring gifts and food for her to thank her for her wonderful service and care. She was truly an angel on earth.
I'll love Rachelle forever and won't ever forget how much she taught me about service, grace, and even a little spice when needed.
Rest in peace my dear friend. Anpil lanmou pou ou."

"Rachelle was the best of us. I mean, truly. Her and I would stay in the office late - 6pm, 7pm, almost 8pm some nights, diligently working alongside each other with clients that needed those timeframes. We had this unspoken bond about our clients - we did what needed to be done. And being incredibly busy, she would still take the time to check on me, motivate me and offer support. No words will ever explain the impact she made on me. She was beyond special."

"Miss Rachelle's smile was contagious. If you crossed paths with her, your day was brighter. She had that effect on everyone, from her clients to those of us lucky to work alongside her. She would deny that she was the 'Catalyst Celebrity,' but it was true. She was just one-of-a-kind. Remembering her smile will always bring a smile to my face."

"What I'll remember most about Rachelle is her warm spirit and her smile. I knew I could stop by her office and say hi and that she would ask how I was doing. We would bond about our frigid offices and share tips on how to stay warm. I admire the compassion and empathy she brought to the work. She truly embodied what it means to serve for the good of others."

"Rachelle was an extraordinarily kind soul. I enjoyed the time we spent when I would give her rides or the couple times we spent tabling together. Rachelle had a quiet, but really strong spirit. She counseled clients on a personal level, always willing to go above and beyond for them. She used her time to give back to her community and her family with extreme compassion. I will always admire and remember this about Rachelle, and try to live more like her."

"I always enjoyed visiting with Rachelle, especially about Haiti and her dad. She was the person I went to when I had questions about making Haitian dishes, like sauce pois blanc. I still have her recipe for legume. Rachelle was one of those people who always showed up and did her work without any fuss. Her clients loved Miss Rachelle as did all of us who worked with her."

"I will miss my forever friend, my heart is shattered to know that such a gentle light is not shinning among us anymore.  Rachelle taught me to embrace difficult times with a smile on my face. I will always remember her continuous advice about my professional and personal life.  She was one of the most positive and gentle souls I have come across.  My friend, I look forward to seeing you in the future new world, as God’s word promises in Revelation 21:4. 'And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.  The former things have passed.'"

"Rachelle was always the sweetest. I admire how much she cared for her clients and how they loved and trust her. We always called each other 'My Friend' and took any opportunity we had to connect and share about our lives. She always so kind and thoughtful. We would often share snacks. My favorite was the Haitian bread that sometimes she or a client would bring. Every time I'd bring my famous cheese bread, I made sure to break a piece for her. Indeed, she was always a good friend and coworker and I will forever treasure the moments I shared with her."

Rachelle and Roxy

"Rachelle was a kind and gentle human being, humble and devoted to her community. The many people she helped throughout her life, as well as her colleagues at Catalyst Miami, will miss her dearly."

"Miss Rachelle was such a caring and kind soul. Since my first day at Catalyst, she made me feel welcomed. She'd always come and check in on me and ask if everything was alright. We created this routine to check in on each other and just make sure we were both doing well. She was always devoted to her work and always ready to help anyone in need. All I can say is that Rachelle's spirit and the impact she's left on her community will always live on."

"May an eternal light continue to shine down your path as you have crossed over to a paradise reserved for those who had a genuine heart to serve others selflessly."

Headshot of Rachelle Desamours


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