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Receiving Community: Building Inclusive Places That Mitigate Climate Gentrification-Driven Displacement

Catalyst Miami's North Miami Community Investment Cooperative work was featured in the Urban Land Institute's report on climate-prepared communities. The linked webinar here includes commentary from Ahmed Mori, Vice President of Community Economic Development of Catalyst Miami.

Report Summary: Climate change is changing conditions in communities worldwide, increasing incentives to live and work in some locations and decreasing incentives in others, causing ripple effects across global, national, and local markets. As people of all demographic groups gravitate toward areas with comparatively lower risk from climate effects (receiving communities), they will spur local economic growth and development. As a result, local governments of these receiving communities and private interests will be challenged to ensure such growth and development is inclusive and equitable and minimizes gentrification-driven displacement.

This report defines climate gentrification and describes its impacts on receiving communities. It communicates the value proposition of equitable, inclusive, and resilient development in these communities and outlines specific strategies to minimize climate gentrification–driven displacement.

Click here to download the report.


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