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Restoring Service, The Mission Continues


Heroic deeds from veterans commonly describe glorified situations where a soldier is rescued from a fatal incident or sacrifices his life for another on the battlefield. On the other hand, Veterans that return home after completing their service for their country are received bittersweetly. That is they are embraced warmly by family and friends but regarded gravely in some instances because of their previous experiences.  Fortunately, there is a Nonprofit organization called “The Mission Continues” that has started channeling the veterans motivation to help others through service. 


“Just as service members take an oath to adhere to the core values of their branch of service, so do Mission Continues Fellows take an oath of continued service in their community?” This is how the nonprofit describes their volunteers in action. Time magazine published an article that highlighted the way in which this nonprofit saves the lives of war veterans while providing them an avenue to continue to pay forward their good fortune.  Through community service, veterans continue to serve their country.


Research shows that community service provides health and psychological benefits that includes reduced depression and a greater sense of purpose, according to Dr. Nancy Morrow-Howell of Washington University. The Mission Continues has been recognized for doing just that with awards such as its 2012 Torch award and 2011 Innovation award. 


Get involved with the Mission Continues today. Check out their website at


To read the article in Time Magazine that featured this nonprofit visit the following link:



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