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Vanessa Pierre

As a first generation Haitian-American that was raised, schooled and now a homeowner in this city, being a member of the North Miami Community Investment Cooperative means that I get to see the development within my city in real time. I remember my family and I used to live in those one-story apartments behind Cayard Bakery on West Dixie Highway and 128th street, and walking over to Cecibon Restaurant to watch boxing matches, and leaving with those famous white paper box to-go containers. Or 50 cent Sundays at Gribble Pool next to the Armory and fire station where North Miami Senior High School is now stationed. I am a product of this environment and now that I have the opportunity to design what the future of this neighborhood will look like, I am more than proud to “buy the block back.”

— Vanessa Pierre
NM-CIC Steering Committee Member