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FPL Rate Hike

WLRN Sundial

This segment aired on WLRN's Sundial with Luis Hernandez on August 19, 2021

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Florida Power and Light has unveiled a plan to raise customer bills by an average of $9 a month beginning in 2022. The rate increase will be used to pay for the expansion of solar power, the under-grounding of power lines and the expected increase of more than 500,000 new customers by the year 2025.

Consumer justice advocacy organization Catalyst Miami has been speaking out against the rate hike because of its impact on the energy insecure.

“The changes that they are proposing exponentially increase the cost burden on customers that are purchasing energy for their residence versus customers that are purchasing it for commercial use. It’s a stark example of the inequities in our energy system,” said Natalia Brown, the climate justice program manager for Catalyst Miami.

We spoke with FPL spokesperson Chris McGrath who argued commercial users would be paying more for their energy usage — but was unclear how high the rate hike would be for commercial users.

He also pointed to FPL’s assistance program, that was started in response to the coronavirus pandemic, for those struggling to pay the electric bills.

But even with assistance in place, electric bills can still be too high for some. Brown pointed to FPL customers like Rochelle Jackson, who lives in Miami-Dade County.

“If you’re like me, one of those people who dreads seeing their light bill every month, I don’t like forcing my kids to play outside so they don’t use the microwave or the TV,” Jackson said.

The Florida Public Service Commission is hosting public meetings beginning Sept. 20 to discuss the company’s proposed rate hikes.


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