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Worker-Owned Enterprises Program

The Worker-Owned Enterprises Program equips participants with the tools to create employee-owned businesses called worker cooperatives. These businesses are owned and democratically run by the people who work there. Through cooperatives, the Program contributes to a new, more resilient economy that works for all by supporting living-wage jobs, creating business ownership opportunities, and developing wealth from the ground up. 

 Applications for the academy are now closed. Please check back here later or subscribe to our email updates to find out when the next cohort is starting. See below to learn about and apply for the incubator.

About Our Program

The Academy

First, groups of individuals apply to our academy, which provides comprehensive knowledge about worker cooperatives and the business, management, and financial skills needed to launch one. 

March 18-June 3, 2021
Thursdays, 6:00-9:00 p.m. 
$15/hour for each session you attend

The Incubator

In the incubator phase, groups can apply to receive deeper help launching a worker-owned business. We provide these early-stage cooperatives with the business, financial, and legal help they need to launch their ventures. 

  • We are currently seeking groups of individuals who want to launch new worker cooperatives. We are also seeking existing businesses that want to transition to worker ownership. Click here to apply for the incubator.

The Local Ecosystem

Catalyst Miami is collaborating with nonprofit, for-profit, and government partners to build a local cooperative ecosystem that ensures cooperatives succeed.

Why Worker-Owned Businesses?

  • Work for a business that you own and manage.
  • Give yourself better pay and better benefits.
  • Collect a chunk of the company's earnings.
  • Build a more just and sustainable future for your community.


  • This program is the first of its kind in Florida.
  • It is the first in South Florida to advocate for worker cooperatives as a tool for democratic community economic development.
  • It helps community members launch sustainable businesses that build generational and community-based wealth.
Julio Calderon ·