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Z Spicer *(she/they) | Climate Justice Community Organizer

A resident of South Florida for most of their life, Z returned after graduating in 2022 with a degree in Geography, which gave them the lens to see spatial injustice and the power of community organizing. During her second year of college, Z learned from student organizers to distribute mutual aid funds, provide popular education, and organize with, and on behalf of, underrepresented students for equitable treatment from the administration and campus community. Z has worked locally to organize with young people seeking civic engagement, community, and avenues for positive, long-lasting changes. In her previous roles, Z helped people parse through the Miami-Dade County budget, led community canvasses, given innumerable public comments, and met with the County's residents and staff to learn what problems and solutions each has. With ties to Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, Z feels the climate crisis and its urgency on all fronts of their life. Z knows that the goal of global climate justice will not arrive comfortably, and hopes to inspire everyone she meets to not only see their stake but also their power in building towards this vision.

Z has high hopes for the future of the region they call home. She has experience managing a small-scale regenerative agriculture farm, and dreams of a Miami that utilizes its favorable climate and historical ties to the Caribbean and U.S. South to become a capital for community gardens and agricultural cooperatives, healing the land, heart, and mind simultaneously. To restore from the constant work of organizing, you may find Z spending time at the beach, reading, making a new playlist, skateboarding, cooking a new plant-based meal, or simply sleeping.