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Resources to support Haiti's autonomy and care for the diaspora

Our hearts are heavy as we witness the struggles faced by our brothers and sisters in Haiti and Cuba. We stand in solidarity with our island neighbors and South Florida locals with close ties to these regions.

With media bias and colorism largely shaping the narrative, it's worth taking the time to spotlight Haiti in particular and share both context and resources.

How to get involved:

  1. Contact your lawmakers & tell them to support Haitian autonomy
  2. Combat the chaos narrative whenever you see it (The country is not collapsing. Haiti is ready for democracy.)
  3. Fund local support efforts both for those in Haiti and the traumatized diaspora
  4. Listen to Haitians. Full stop.
  5. Learn the real roots of the events unfolding on the island (hint: it’s colonialism/imperialism)



On-island aid options are still limited for now, but our community recommends the following organizations coordinating mutual aid* and policy reform for Haitian migrants who have left the island for now. Please share your own suggestions in the comments!

*Mutual aid is the collaborative sharing of resources and support within a community to meet collective needs. It involves people coming together to provide for each other, often outside of formal institutions or government systems. Mutual aid can include sharing food, shelter, medical care, skills, and any other resources, with the goal of addressing immediate needs and building solidarity within communities through collective action.


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