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Igniting Community-Driven Transformation

Founded in 1996 by Daniella Levine Cava, Catalyst Miami builds power with frontline communities throughout Miami-Dade County to collectively advance justice and achieve shared prosperity. Our vision is a just society where everyone can lead healthy, prosperous, self-determined lives. 

At Catalyst Miami, our work centers on shifting the economic, social, and political systems that exclude and oppress many people, especially Black and Brown communities. These unjust systems concentrate power in the hands of a few, creating significant barriers that restrict our communities' access to democratic processes and economic prosperity.

We believe that real, lasting change requires systemic transformation that goes beyond surface-level reforms. Our communities know what we need, and meaningful change happens when communities affected by injustice can transform the systems that shape our daily lives.

To achieve our mission and vision, Catalyst Miami takes a "both-and" approach: both reforming existing systems and introducing new people-powered systems. We provide both individual and shared paths to prosperity, enhance civic engagement through advocacy and leadership training, and increase the resilience of our environment and communities through people-led strategies. These efforts feed into each other, contributing to a unified, influential, multigenerational movement required to bring about systemic change.

We protect and support our communities today, while collectively shaping the world we want to live in tomorrow. We honor the wisdom of frontline communities and follow their lead as, together, we catalyze equitable solutions and grassroots transformation. 

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