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Advocacy Updates for Medicaid Retroactive Eligibility and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)

February 14, 2018
Provided by Florida Voices for Health


Medicaid Retroactive Eligibility

Latest News:

  • This session, Florida state Senators passed a budget that would reduce retroactive Medicaid eligibility from 90 Days to 30 Days. (The proposal is not in the House budget).
  • This "retroactive eligibility" provides financial protection as patients await approval of their Medicaid applications. It protects hospitals, too, from having to absorb the costs of caring for these patients.
  • Floridians can contact their legislators directly by visiting: (the bitly link is case sensitive)

Quick Posts for Social Media:

  • @ (Reps or Senator) Ending #Medicaid retroactive eligibility will have real-world consequences that will end up hurting vulnerable Floridians. #NoCapsNoCuts
  • @ (Reps or Senator) #Medicaid retroactive eligibility is an economic safety net for hardworking Floridians with unexpected illness, injury or loss of other coverage. #NoCapsNoCuts
  • Over 40% of Florida households already struggle to afford basic needs like food and housing. RME gives families a window of time to address their loved one’s imminent health needs and then pursue the complex Medicaid application process. #NoCapsNoCuts
  • Have you been paying attention to Tallahassee? The FL Senate wants to limit Medicaid 'retroactive eligibility' which will mean more medical debt for hardworking Floridians. Take action and #FightLikeHealth!

Sample Hashtags: #NoCapsNoCuts, #ProtectOurCare, #FightLikeHealth


CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)

Latest news:

  • Congress passed another CR last week after a brief government shutdown, but the agreement included several important health care provisions.
    • Extends the funding of CHIP an additional 4 years beyond the 6 years Congress approved in the last CR agreement.
    • Two years of funding for Community Health Centers ($3.8B for FFY 2018 and $4B for FFY 2019)

Quick posts (Facebook and Twitter):

  • Now that #CHIP is reauthorized for 10 years lets get our kids enrolled! #KeepKidsCovered


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