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On the AFCPE Capacity Building Scholarship

Catalyst Miami Staff

Headshots of Alyssa Delgado

Catalyst Miami was honored to be selected as a scholarship recipient for financial and money management courses from the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education® (AFCPE®). The scholarships have helped build our organization’s capacity to offer financial counseling to our Prosperity Campaign clients.

Since 2001, Catalyst Miami’s flagship Prosperity Campaign has offered an array of financial services and products designed to assist clients at every stage of their journey toward greater financial and health well-being. Our trained coaches provide financial and credit coaching to help people increase savings, reduce debt, and (when necessary) build credit history. We also offer free tax preparation to clients whose households earn less than $57,000 annually, provide zero-to-low interest loans that are safe alternatives to payday loans, and increasingly offer wealth-building options, such as our cash-incentivized disaster preparedness programs. With participation in initiatives like Future Bound Miami, Florida’s first universal children’s savings accounts program, we are increasingly engaging in community wealth-building, helping to solve generational poverty and giving residents the tools to achieve resilience.

The scholarships provided by the AFCPE offer a way for our Prosperity Campaign staff members to continue in their professional development and offer the highest level of service to our clients.

“I plan to use techniques like ‘homework’ takeaways to help my clients with financial literacy retention—something that is a challenge for nearly all of us!” added Alyssa Delgado, Catalyst’s Senior Community Prosperity Manager. “Taking the AFCPE financial counseling certification courses has given me access to a lot of information and resources.”

Catalyst Miami extends its thanks to AFCPE for supporting our commitment to providing the highest quality coaching to our clients. We look forward to exploring new ways to continue to build our financial expertise as our Prosperity Campaign services continue.


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