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Catalyst Miami Services

See the free services we're providing to new and existing clients.

  • Helping residents apply for the United Way's Miami Pandemic Assistance Program
  • Directing residents toward food assistance and other emergency assistance
  • Assisting residents with the unemployment application
  • Small business support: Providing technical assistance to small businesses in the City of Miami that have suffered economic impact due to the pandemic
  • Click here to learn how we can help your small business, nonprofit organization, or sole proprietorship
  • We help you apply for SNAP (also known as food stamps)
  • We help you apply for TANF (cash assistance for families)
  • We help you apply for Medicaid, KidCare, and CHIP.
  • Virtual coaching sessions (financial and health)
  • Credit-building and credit checks
  • Budgeting and debt management
  • Enrolling in financial products
  • Lending Circles program (recruiting, enrollment, follow-up, monitoring payments)
  • We are advocating for policies that will support low- and moderate-income people during this time, such as by bolstering safety-net programs and expanding public benefits, and demanding action from our elected officials to protect families, to name a few.