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Catalyst Miami Recruited Pioneering Climate Resilience Training in South Florida

Catalyst Miami Recruited Pioneering Climate Resilience Training in South Florida

Miami, Florida – On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Catalyst Miami will launch its fifth cohort of CLEAR Miami (Community Leadership on the Environment, Advocacy, and Resilience). This training program was created in response to the challenges that Miami-Dade County’s 2.7 million residents are likely to face as a consequence of climate change and sea level rise. These challenges include endangerment of 90% of South Florida’s drinking water, 7-foot storm surges occurring every five years instead of the current 76-year frequency, an increased number of King Tide flooding events and heat waves, as well as a threat to the County’s tourism and agricultural economies. Most importantly, climate change will exaggerate the inequities faced by the 1.5 million Miamians that are considered working class or in poverty, as these communities tend to be our most under-resourced.

“With the dire challenges ahead for Miami residents due to climate change, Catalyst Miami is excited to be continuing this program that will inform and empower community residents to play a part in local climate resilience strategies,” said Gretchen Beesing, CEO of Catalyst Miami.

CLEAR Miami focuses on climate resilience leadership and provides graduates with the groundwork to become educators, leaders, and innovators in their own communities and beyond. Participants will develop a deep understanding of climate science, local climate change threats, and solutions. Thus far, 63 adults and 37 youths have completed the CLEAR Miami program. Six months after graduation, 100% of our CLEAR graduates have taken a civic action in relation to climate resilience. On a policy-level, CLEAR Miami participants have participated in City, County, and State-level meetings, community input sessions, and climate campaigns. Nine CLEAR Miami graduates and facilitators have been featured in local and national news articles on climate justice issues in Miami. 

The CLEAR program is an 11-week commitment, with one 3-hour session occurring per week at Catalyst Miami’s main office (3000 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 210, Miami, FL 33137). Translation will be offered in Spanish and Haitian Creole. There is no fee to participate. Dinner and childcare will be provided at no cost. Applications to this program are available at For more information on CLEAR Miami, contact Zelalem Adefris, Climate Resilience Program Manager, at [email protected] or 786-414-1300.



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