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North Miami Residents Get A Chance To Part-own Commercial Building

Hy-Lo News

By Nyam Daniel

This article originally appeared on Hy-Lo News.

Catalyst Miami has launched a project to allow North Miami residents to own and operate a commercial property collectively.

The organization will facilitate the purchase and initial management of the commercial real estate, including repairs and commercial tenant relations, then oversee the sale of the property back to individual North Miami residents.

Dubbed the North Miami Community Investment Cooperative (NM-CIC), the project creates an investment opportunity for working-class residents.

“As a first-generation Haitian-American that was raised, schooled and now a homeowner in this city, being a member of the North Miami Community Investment Cooperative means that I get to see the development within my city in real-time,” NM-CIC Steering Committee Member Vanessa Pierre said.

Visit to sign up.


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