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I joined Public Allies because...

(reflections from a few of this year's Public Allies in Miami)
I joined Public Allies because I wanted to give back to my community. I wanted to make my hometown a better place for the locals, beyond South Beach. Public Allies has given me a new interest and a more holistic approach to my career plans. I have made friends with people around me with a similar mindset of public service and values serving as motivation along the way and for the future.- Jennifer V
I wanted to learn more about Miami. I wanted to serve and be involved in this community. Public Allies has given me a support system, a network of lifelong friends, stronger sense of purpose and clearer goals, and resources/opportunities/ and connections. – De’Azia B.


I joined Public Allies for two reasons. I needed a job and I really wanted to aid others in becoming financially free and stable. It’s my greater belief that financial stability is essential to our mental and physical health, family upbringing and the opportunities an individual can provide for their children. Financial stability factors into numerous aspects of life and will make for a better society as more families are educated. The experience as a Public Ally has given me nonprofit experience, professional development, financial knowledge, and experience to say the least. I have also been blessed with a new set of dynamic brothers and sisters who are diverse and alike in the same. -Vaughan J.


I joined Public Allies because after completing a year of service (through CityYear), I felt that I had more to give to my community. I believe that nothing is more valuable an investment than time, so I decided to continue to give that for the betterment of Miami. Public Allies has given me LIFE! It has given me a greater look into my community from a different lens and insight into how nonprofits function. I have found a family in my cohort and am honestly unsure how I would have made it without them. -Janite P.  
Join Catalyst Miami July 19 at 7:30 p.m. for our 13th Annual Theater and Awards Event, when we will honor the Health Foundation of South Florida for 20 years of helping youth bloom, as well as Genie Langan, a pioneer educator at Mater Academy. All proceeds from ticket sales benefit Public Allies Miami. Read more here.


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