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Internal Operations

Learn about a few aspects of the inner workings of Catalyst Miami. 

At Catalyst Miami, we believe in both internal and external collaboration. Each member of our team plays a key role in helping us achieve our mission of building a more just and equitable Miami in which all communities thrive. To know more about our staff, click here.

Please click the image below to enlarge the org chart. 

Catalyst Miami organizational chart. Click to view PDF.

Check our Meet our Team page to know more about our Board members!

T-Team was developed by the University of Miami SPEC Program.

As a participant, we host a Transformation Team or “T-Team” comprised of a sample of our staff. The T-Team, often called the “conscience of the organization” meets every three weeks to process issues or organizational importance such as:

  • Trust & Communication
  • Workplace diversity & racism
  • Making Catalyst Miami a workplace of choice 

Catalyst Miami is collecting data that supports quality measurement and captures and translates programmatic and organizational data into actionable insights. This enables us to drive operational and programmatic intelligence for an impactful return on investment for our participants, communities, staff, and funders.

Everyone’s role is to support a data-driven culture where everyone sees the value in data, understands the importance of collecting good data, has access to data, and uses data to support decision-making.