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MEMO: King v. Burwell: What’s at Stake for Florida

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For Immediate Release
March 3, 2015
Benton Strong, 202.481.8142
[email protected]
MEMO: King v. Burwell: What’s at Stake for Florida
TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Center for American Progress
DATE: March 3, 2015
SUBJECT: King v. Burwell: What’s at Stake for Florida
On March 4, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear King v. Burwell, a lawsuit that seeks to strip premium tax credits from people who live in states with a federal insurance marketplace under the Affordable Care Act, or ACA. Repealing this pillar of the law, which helps make health coverage more affordable for consumers, would have severe consequences.
King v. Burwell affects everyone, including more than one million Floridians
The stakes could not be higher. The sudden elimination of a key component of the ACA would cause a complete meltdown of the American health care system. A decision for the plaintiffs would take away health insurance coverage from nearly 9 million Americans and cause premiums to spike for millions more.
In Florida alone, nearly 1.2 million people would lose an average of $3,290 in tax credits and cost-sharing reductions, with many of these people losing their insurance entirely. All told, more than 1 million Floridians would become uninsured. For more information about how the case affects Florida, read our fact sheet.
At, learn more about the facts of the case and the Floridians who would lose health care coverage
“I couldn’t have even imagined what that would have cost me out of pocket—more than I could ever afford.”
— Celia from Miami
Since 2005, Celia Maluf of Florida had been unable to find affordable health coverage. A self-employed Pilates instructor and therapist, Celia could only find private insurance that cost upwards of $900 per month. So she went without coverage for nine years, luckily avoiding any serious issues with her health. In 2014, Celia decided to find coverage from the Florida marketplace. After signing up for a silver plan, Celia had a minor accident in her home that required a trip to the emergency room. After receiving treatment for the fall, Celia’s largest hospital bill was for $57. “I couldn’t have even imagined what that would have cost me out of pocket—more than I could ever afford.”
This year, Celia re-enrolled for another silver plan and receives tax credits to help her pay for the cost. For around $200 per month, Celia feels assured she will be covered for any health incident—minor or major—and has made a point of getting an annual wellness exam. “I’m just so worried about having my coverage taken away. I finally have health insurance I can afford, and now I have the risk of losing it. I can’t imagine going back to having to worry about suffering from anything worse than a cold.”
Hear from legal, policy, and medical experts on what King v. Burwell means for Florida
On February 24, Vice President for Legal Progress at the Center for American Progress Michele Jawando; Celia Maluf, a self-employed fitness instructor from Miami; Leah Barber-Heinz, CEO of Florida CHAIN; and Mona Mangat, a physician with Doctors for America, joined a press call to highlight what is at stake for Florida.
  • Leah Barber-Heinz, CEO of Florida CHAIN: “The Affordable Care Act is saving lives in our state as the law intended. … It is unfathomable to me that the Supreme Court would take away something so vitally important from so many hardworking families.”
  • Dr. Mona Mangat, practicing Florida physician: “Doctors and other health care workers know that health insurance tax credits save lives, and we feel it is vital that the Supreme Court uphold the law.”
The audio of the call can be found here.
Watch Center for American Progress Senior Fellow Ian Millhiser explain what the case is about and why the plaintiffs’ argument is wrong.
For more information, contact Benton Strong at [email protected] or 202.481.8142.
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