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Neighborhood-based Resilience

Catalyst Miami’s neighborhood-based resilience initiative focuses on the following communities: Homestead/South Dade, Overtown, Northeast Corridor (Little Haiti/North Miami/North Miami Beach), Miami Gardens, and Hialeah. The goal of this initiative is to increase community participation by actively engaging community members at every level, and by bringing Catalyst’s services to people where they live and work. By integrating the work of Catalyst Miami into these neighborhoods, we’re also creating a mechanism to help residents better prepare for and recover from all of life’s storms.

Our actions include hosting community visioning workshops to assess community priorities and inform programming; distributing disaster preparedness kits; and creating teams of residents, called Community Champions, who meet regularly with our support to implement projects that build community resilience. 

In addition, we take a lead role in the policy and advocacy efforts around disaster resilience. We participate in meetings to promote better coordination with government officials around disaster preparedness and response. In 2019, we successfully passed three pieces of legislation at the county level to help institute a local moratorium on evictions directly before, during, and directly after times of disaster.