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Two decades ago, Catalyst Miami emerged as a
critical node in the local network of
nonprofit organizations.

Founded by Daniella Levine Cava as the Human Services Coalition, our defining role is to identify and launch innovative community building strategies.

Our Vision

A just and equitable society in which all communities thrive.

Our Mission

To identify and collectively solve issues adversely affecting low-wealth communities throughout Miami-Dade County.

our values


We lead by example. We aim high and follow a shared vision with defined needs and priorities. We believe leaders are humble, accountable, inspirational, passionate, ethical, and credible.


We adapt to change while identifying and maximizing resources. We are flexible, reflective, and inclusive. We act purposely and creatively to achieve results.


We work together. We believe that we are successful when internal and external silos are shattered. We share resources and acknowledge and appreciate the assets in others.

Self empowerment

We value one another by growing, realizing, and recognizing the power within ourselves. We seek knowledge, opportunity, and discovery.


We value the intrinsic worth of humanity. We value others by being actively empathetic: giving support, offering time, being flexible, and showing respect.