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Our Community Work

Catalyst Miami is a power-building organization. We honor the wisdom of communities and the agency of every individual. We follow the leadership of communities as together we solve issues and dismantle systems of injustice. 

Our work tackles a complex web of intersectional issues, and our chief method is by building people power: We know that community members are the experts in their lives; we are simply the catalyst. We provide tools and opportunities that help people prosper in their own lives and achieve the vision they have for their communities.

Our programs are designed to increase community control and ownership, build both individual and collective paths to prosperity, increase civic engagement, and enhance the resilience of our environment and communities. 

Building resilience across neighborhoods

  • Community Champions are residents who meet regularly, with our support, to implement projects that create resilience in their communities. The teams work to improve community infrastructure, enhance the health and well-being of residents, and reduce existing inequalities, all while earning a stipend of $20/hour.
  • Currently, we have established teams in Overtown and North Miami.

Click here to learn the latest about our Community Champions program.

Catalyzing a cooperative, inclusive, more resilient economy

  • Our programs center on expanding opportunities for working-class residents to build wealth and own assets, in addition to helping clients meet their basic needs. From worker cooperatives to Children's Savings Accounts to even owning real estate, the work of community economic development (CED) is all about increasing the agency that people have over their financial futures. On a household level, our trained and certified coaches (the Prosperity team) offer direct services to help people improve their finances and health. 
  • We integrate our direct-service and CED work into our policy and advocacy agenda. In other words, clients who participate in our economic programs or receive coaching are invited to join in on our grassroots advocacy work. Also, our policy agenda directly ties to the issues community members are facing. 

Click here to learn more about our Community Economic Development work and programs.

Advancing systemic change and building a more inclusive democracy from the ground up

  • We bring residents into the process of democracy by training them into grassroots leaders, sharing opportunities to advocate around key policies, and increasing their civic engagement. Every year, our network of community leaders grows in numbers and impact. We conduct deep community engagement work in Overtown and North Miami. And, alongside our community members, we advocate directly before Miami-Dade County and City of Miami governments.

Click here for the latest on our Policy & Advocacy work and programs.