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Part III. Disaster Resilience Funding Resource Guide for Miami


When I was conceptualizing this idea, so were many others. I am happy to see more resources are out there now for people to do exactly what I propose. There are many organizations out there actively seeking to fund projects like these. If I already had an urban farm or community center in a vulnerable community, these are the grant opportunities that I would look into to fund building your own Community Resilience Hub:

1. Become a member of the Miami Climate Alliance and attend one of their working groups to get access to their resources and get a clear picture of what moves you can make.

2. Apply to The Miami Foundation’s Disaster Resilience Fund and join their Miami Strong Disaster Resiliency Network.

3. Sign up for the Axis Helps newsletter for updates on resources for Miami businesses and families.

4. Register as needed with the Miami-Dade Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program to receive priority in case of disaster.

5. Consider applying for a Knight Foundation grant to match one of their Open Challenges, Daughters for Earth grant, the Solutions Project grant, and the Awesome Foundation grant.

6. If you have the time, I highly encourage you apply for Catalyst Miami CLEAR Fellowship, and after the program you can get access to their Neighbors to Leaders grant program.

Make this research worthwhile, and implement these ideas! Do it. You and your community will be so grateful.