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Thanks to you, a victory for energy consumers

Catalyst Miami Staff

This year, community members like you rallied hard against the anti-solar bill, HB 741, that was written by and for Florida Power & Light. Our collective voices accomplished the impossible: pushed the governor to veto this bill. Together as one community coalition, we reached 41,932 people who took action via letters, calls, targeted tweets, and more. The public pressure you helped create overpowered corporate money this time around.

On the heels of the record-breaking rate increase that FPL passed last year, this was another attempt to increase the cost of electricity for all their customers, while minimizing the benefits of rooftop solar. This bill would have made it much harder for under-resourced, low-wealth, rural, black and brown families to switch to solar in the future. It threatened the more than 40,000 solar energy jobs statewide and was poised to set the industry back as a whole.

There is more ground to gain in the fight for climate justice and utility accountability, but for now we celebrate this win for the Sunshine State and its people.

The following Letter to the Editor was published in the South Florida Sun Sentinel on Friday, April 29, 2022. 

A victory for consumers

In the wake of an egregious legislative session, the Sunshine State breathed a sigh of relief when Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed HB 741.

This bill was written by and for the state’s largest monopoly utility company to increase the cost of electricity and make rooftop solar less beneficial for all of its customers, particularly those who have yet to make the switch. Emails, letters, comments, and stories from cost-burdened residents dealing with unfair and increasing energy costs superseded the power of corporate money this time.

The veto is a victory for every person who defended jobs and justice against Florida Power & Light’s attempted power grab. For years to come, solar panels peppered across rooftops in low-wealth neighborhoods will continue to help residents save money on their monthly power bills, build wealth for their families and future generations and improve local resilience after storms and shutoffs.

Natalia Brown, Miami

The writer is Climate Justice Program Manager for Catalyst Miami.



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