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The Transformation Team: An Enabling Structure for Organizational Learning in Action

This paper brings in two key concepts from Organizational Theory to inform Community Psychology theory and practice: reflective practice and organizational learning. We demonstrate the necessity of critically reflective practice in Human Service Organizations (HSOs) to promote learning, critical consciousness and critical community practice, in order to create more transformative rather than continue ameliorative practices. Utilizing a Transformation-team (T-team) model can be an enabling structure for reflective practice and organizational learning. This paper outline benefits, as well as eight necessary conditions of a successful T-team and the possibilities that such an organizational structure can offer HSOs. The paper was written by the University of Miami and published in the Journal of Community Psychology.

The "Transformation Team" or T-Team came out of this work and continues to exist at Catalyst Miami as an internal committee. T-Team meets regularly to discuss and manage organizational culture, trust, workplace diversity & racism, employee satisfaction, etc.

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