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Theory of Change


Catalyst Miami seeks to solve the problem that is built into capitalism: our economic, social and political systems exclude and oppress many people. Power is concentrated in the hands of a few. Because of this, we continue to have unequal distribution of resources and vast disparities in living conditions. As a result, individuals and whole communities — especially those that are predominantly Black and Brown — face significant barriers that limit access to democratic processes and economic prosperity.

We feel these inequities in our own lives. And just like the communities with whom we work, we know how hard it is to change the status quo. Our communities know what we need, and meaningful change happens when communities affected by injustice can transform the systems that shape our daily lives. Achieving this requires a unified, influential, and multi-generational movement of people directly impacted by inequity, as well as their allies. That’s why building community power is at the core of our organization.

At Catalyst Miami, we take a “both-and” approach: both reforming the current systems and ushering in new people-powered systems. We protect and support our communities today, while collectively shaping the world we want to live in tomorrow. 

We offer community organizing, popular education via leadership programs, policy innovation, cooperative ownership, and direct services. These efforts all feed into each other and lead to more effective power-building, ultimately allowing people to change the systems at the root of our issues. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with frontline communities, who have long been working to change systems of injustice. We honor their wisdom and follow their lead as together we catalyze equitable solutions and grassroots transformation.