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This Labor Day: Americans Reflect on Good Jobs

Pictured: Roxy Azuaje
Roxy Azuaje, Public Allies and Youth Manager at Catalyst Miami, was recently invited to participate in the Workshift Rockefeller + Purpose Good Jobs Campaign. We are proud that she was able to share her story on past work experiences and how her current job is the definition of a "good job."
The Workshift campaign is a national campaign that seeks to change the way Americans think and talk about good jobs in the United States today. In order to build a more equitable, inclusive economy, Workshift is creating a space for workers, communities, employers, and policymakers to join together in a conversation about what it means to create good jobs for all. WorkShift aims to set a new standard for what makes a job a good job that is grounded in the personal experiences and basic needs of the modern American worker.

Spotlight: Roxy Azuaje
After immigrating to Florida from Venezuela as a young woman, Roxy Azuaje worked in odd jobs — restaurants, nanny, photo assistant, TV production and nonprofits — before securing a full-time position in her field. Now she works as a Public Allies and Youth Manager for a nonprofit in Miami and has good benefits, paid time off, flexibility, and is proud of her job. Having worked across many jobs — both good and bad — Roxy has a unique perspective on the things that are most critical in a job in America today.
“I’m proud in my current job to work with great people that truly care for others. The content of our work helps the community, but the organization itself also believes to do that you need fair and just policies internally. We’re treated fairly, given vacation, and paid time off. My boss really invests in me, both in helping to develop my skills, but also making sure I feel valued.” Roxy Azuaje

To learn more about the Workshift campaign, go to #GoodJobsForAll.


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