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Personal and Company-Provided Communication Devices


It is essential to protect Catalyst Miami Inc.'s confidential information at all times, including when communicating via electronic means.

You may be allowed to use your personal electronic device(s) for work purposes. Personal electronic devices include but are not limited to, personally owned cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Employees who are required to use their personal cell phone for work will be paid a monthly phone stipend of $35. Please communicate with your supervisor or Human Resources if you have any questions regarding cellphone reimbursement eligibility. If you need to use any other personal electronic device for work purposes, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources for approval prior to any such use. Catalyst Miami Inc. must ensure the security of Company information; therefore, any approved personal device is required to have an anti-virus, mobile device management (MDM) with "remote wipe" software installed. This MDM software will store all company-related information, including calendars, emails, and other company-related applications in one area that is password-protected and secure. Your supervisor and the IT department must approve any personal device and install all required software prior to the device being used for work-related activities.

If you choose to connect personal devices to the Company's computing and communication systems, you should be aware that the Company may remotely "wipe" all information on any device that has been configured to access the Company's systems without any notice. If the Company chooses to exercise this option, all information on the device will be remotely deleted without notice. This could occur if the device is lost, when your employment ends, or at other times during your employment. You may not receive any advance notice of the Company's decision to execute a remote wipe command. Consequently, if you tore personal information on any device that has been configured to access the Company's communication systems, you should maintain copies of this information on non-Company equipment that has not been configured to access the Company's computing and communication systems. Catalyst Miami, Inc. will not be responsible for loss or damage of personal applications or data resulting from the use of Company applications or the wiping of Company information. You must notify your supervisor and IT immediately in the event an authorized personal device is lost or stolen.

Cloud-based applications or backups that allow company-related data to be transferred to unsecured parties are prohibited. Additionally, personal devices may not be synchronized to other devices that have not been authorized. Making any modifications to the device hardware or software beyond authorized and routine installation updates is prohibited unless approved by IT. You may not use unsecured Internet sites.

Non-exempt employees may not use their personal devices for work purposes outside of their normal work schedule without authorization in advance from management. Additionally, any employee who is on unpaid leave may not use a personal device for work without authorization from management. The Company reserves the right to deactivate the Company's application and access on the employee's personal device during periods of leave.

While at work, you are expected to exercise the same discretion in using your personal device(s) as is expected for the use of Company devices. Company policies pertaining to harassment, discrimination, retaliation, trade secrets, confidential information, and ethics apply to the use of personal devices for work-related activities. Audio and/or video recording anywhere on Company property during work, at any time, is prohibited unless authorized in advance by management.

You shall have no expectation of privacy in any correspondence, message or information located or sent across the Company's computing and communication systems. Regardless of the content or purpose, or if the device is personal or Company-provided, as indicated above, the Company may remotely "wipe" all information on any device that has been configured to access the company's systems for any reason, and without any notice to the employee. This includes any apps that are installed through Catalyst Miami's Google Workspace, i.e., email, photos, chat messages, stored documents, and any Company-owned worksite data.

The Company may access, monitor, copy, capture, disclose, delete, and use any communication, information, or data, whether personal or business-related, that is created on, stored on (permanently or temporarily), viewed on, downloaded or uploaded to, accessed by, printed from, or communicated across the Company's computing and communication systems with or without notice to the employee. All messages, regardless of content or the intent of the sender, are a form of company correspondence and are subject to the same internal and external security and scrutiny as any other company correspondence.

You are expected to follow applicable state or federal laws or regulations regarding the use of electronic devices at all times. Upon resignation or termination of employment, or at any time upon request, you may be asked to produce your personal device(s) for inspection. All Company data on personal devices will be removed by IT upon termination of employment. Failure to follow policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Wireless Communication Device Guidelines

Catalyst Miami, Inc. may provide wireless communication devices, including hands-free devices, to employees who have a job-related need for them. These devices are the property of Catalyst Miami, Inc. The following guidelines must be followed:

  • Employees are expected to carry wireless communications devices as directed by their supervisor.
  • Employees are responsible for lost or stolen wireless communications devices and must report such losses immediately.
  • Upon termination of employment for any reason, the employee must return all company-issued property.


Use of Camera Phone

Use of the camera feature on cellular phones or other communication devices presents risks to the Company, potentially compromising customer information, trade secrets, or the privacy of others. Use of this feature to capture images or video is prohibited unless authorized in advance by management.