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Transportation/Mileage Policy

Every effort should be made to use the safest and lowest-priced transportation available. Catalyst will cover the following modes of transportation:
  • Commercial airline, train and bus travel will only be covered for economy class. Advance boarding and seat assignment fees are not reimbursable expenses.
  • For car rentals, additional insurance should be purchased.
  • Catalyst Miami will not cover expenses incurred for ride-share service to a restaurant when a staff is traveling when there is food available at the hotel or nearby within easy and safe walking distance.
  • Based on the need to have an employee in person and the advance approval by their supervisor, Catalyst Miami will cover airfare for staff who are designated as out of state, or received prior approval from their supervisor to work out of state for an extended period of time. Catalyst Miami will not cover lodging or per diem for those employees. Catalyst Miami's local travel policy will apply.
  • Catalyst Miami will cover transport to and from the airport for business travel. The employee should use the most economical and practical method, e.g., Public Transport vs Taxi vs. Ride Share vs Mileage and Parking.

You can find more information about this in our Employee Handbook, if you need additional information, please, contact our COO.