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Environmental Impact


FPL loves to position itself as a climate champion, but its climate justice and clean energy advertisements are deceptive.

  • The settlement includes large investment in new fossil fuel infrastructure and other unsustainable programs (see below).
  • When FPL isn’t forcing customers to foot the bill for new fossil fuel infrastructure, the company has picked our pockets to clean up their environmental messes.
  • FPL lobbies against renewable energy policies, a particularly strange fact considering its parent company, NextEra Energy, is a “leader” in renewable generation.
  • In a study of the 52 largest electric utilities in the U.S., FPL was ranked #51 for utility energy efficiency programs to reduce energy use. 
  • FPL also lobbies against utility-scale efficiency goals that would be beneficial for all.

FPL continues to champion false solutions to the climate crisis, including fossil fuels and nuclear energy, which maintain monopoly power and high customer costs. Over 70% percent of the energy produced by FPL comes from fossil fuels (mainly gas), and over 20% comes from nuclear reactors.

If we are going to invest our time, labor, and hard-earned money into building a new energy system, we believe it should be powered by clean energy that does not force workers or neighboring communities to bear the brunt of energy-related pollution, health risks, and hazards.