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The Pending Settlement


The key questions emerging in FPL’s ongoing rate case require the Public Service Commission to decide between predominantly business and industry interests and the needs of residential customers across the state. The settlement leaves a disproportionate share of the cost burden on the shoulders of residential customers. As is, households will be forced to pay well over their fair share and actually subsidize the rates paid by commercial and industrial customers by several hundred million dollars.

FPL states that they strive to “deliver America’s best energy value.” If the company truly seeks to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy services, they must assume responsibility for the impacts of their inequitable and extractive business practices. We are advocating for opportunities for community-based decision-making about critical energy needs, new roles (and business models) for energy utilities, and a commitment to equity and leadership from frontline communities.

A truly just transition to clean and renewable energy does not need to come at the cost of already financially-burdened, hardworking people—and that’s exactly who is footing the bill, while FPL continues to exclude many of us from the full potential benefits of the energy system.