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Strategic Plan

A strategic plan provides a roadmap and outlines the path forward for an organization, answering the following:

  • Who we are – what are we aiming to accomplish, our ‘future state’ vision for the world in which we operate, what problems we’re trying to solve and why those are critical issues 
  • What our major goals are for the foreseeable future
  • How we’ll measure success 
  • The major ways we’ll reach our goals – ‘how we’ll get there’ 
  • Our commitments – to ourselves and to the communities in which we work 

A strategic plan is not a crystal ball – it doesn’t predict the future and therefore needs to be constantly revisited.

The best strategic plans are those that are: 1) grounded in diverse perspectives, 2) treated as a ‘living document.’

Below you will find our plan for 2018 - 2022, highlighting goals and what we did. 

And we just finalized our new Strategic Plan! You can read more about it here.

Establish and nurture innovative program design and implementation to build the health, wealth, and civic engagement of people in low-wealth communities in Miami-Dade County.

Some wealth-building and civic engagement programs that were created due to this are: Future Bound Miami, HEAL, LIGHT, small business TAworker cooperatives, real estate investment cooperative, virtual tax assistance, etc.

Create opportunities for community members, business and civic leaders to work through and solve critical community issues together.

Initiatives and Relationships such as Poverty Solutions Summit, Divest/Invest Miami, etc., were built and strengthened during this period. 

Promote engaged community leaders and constituency-informed policy and system reforms to better meet the needs of low-wealth communities.

We led 2020 Census outreach, created a new Community Champions strategy, identified necessary policy and system reforms, etc.

Build Catalyst Miami’s organizational and external capacity to successfully achieve its mission and strategic impact goals.

  • For our staff, we created a stand-alone COO role and added data/evaluation/learning position, we also implemented an internal "executive coaching" program for managers, with focus on aspiring managers of color (already on 4th cohort); our communication team is on fire! (New website, developed text platform to communicate with our network, new donor collaterals, etc).
  • We improved our technology for the organization—near seamless transition to virtual work.
  • In regards to our Board of Directors, we diversified the composition of the board, added a Governance/Nominating committee, and adjusted its structure to increase engagement.