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Freedom in Florida: Ensuring Local Autonomy & Democracy


A black and white photo of a smiling Cuban-American woman, with a purple highlight behind her.

Yenisbel Vilorio
Florida State Director, State Innovation Exchange (SiX) and SiX Action

Prior to assuming the role of Florida State Director for State Innovation Exchange (SiX) and SiX Action, Yenisbel ‘Yeni’ Vilorio obtained invaluable experience as a legislative assistant to Florida State Representatives Marie Woodson and Javier Fernandez. During her tenure with the Florida legislature, Yeni fostered collaborative relationships with legislators, staffers, and numerous stakeholders, including state agencies, coalition partners, and grassroots organizations within the state and nationwide. Her efforts were instrumental in advancing progressive social, economic, healthcare, housing, education, and environmental policy.

Yeni’s professional journey reflects a deep-seated commitment to community engagement. Prior to venturing into policymaking, she earned a Master of Social Work degree and had a blooming career in the healthcare field. Her transition into policy work was fueled by her experiences working in diverse healthcare roles and her profound passion for transformative advocacy and systemic change.

As a Cuban refugee and product of Miami-Dade County public schools, Yeni draws inspiration from her community and her family’s background in shaping her dedication to cultivating a world free from oppression. Her upbringing in a vibrant, diverse, working-class immigrant community has instilled in her a steadfast resolve to contribute to the creation of a world that is just, equitable, and inclusive.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Yeni enjoys dancing, traveling, outdoor activities, and spending quality time with loved ones.

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Korey T. Johnson. Esq
State Campaigns Lead Consultant, Local Solutions Support Center

Korey T. Johnson. Esq is the State Campaigns Lead Consultant at Local Solutions Support Center. She is also the owner and Lead Consultant of Equipped Solutions, a consulting firm rooted in public health, public safety, and racial justice advocacy. As an attorney and seasoned campaign operations lead, she brings nearly a decade of experience to field organizing, community engagement, and legislative strategy. Spanning areas of criminal justice reform, public safety, public health, human rights, economic justice, environmental justice, transportation equity, and more, Korey has served as a campaign strategist for multi-state and national legislative campaigns that has resulted in the successful passage of legislation for several states across the U.S. She has served as the Regional Director of Campaign Operations at REFORM Alliance, a Senior Policy Analyst at the Council of State Governments Justice Center and the Job Opportunities Task Force. As an electoral political strategist, she has executed rigorous field strategy at the local, state, and national level. Korey’s other professional capacities also include, serving as an Attorney Advisor for the United States Department of Justice and a Senior Policy Advisor for the State of Maryland.

As a Baltimore native, Korey is a graduate of Towson University and Howard University School of Law. Philanthropically, she is an active member of the NAACP, a board member of the Women’s Law Center of Maryland, and the Board President of The Leaderhership Project. She is currently an adjunct professor and a Ph.D Candidate at Morgan State University (Social Policy).

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Rachel Prestipino | she/her
Vice President of Policy and Community Engagement, Catalyst Miami

A community organizer at heart, Rachel is building a cohesive pipeline of involvement so that community leaders will co-design and direct every aspect of Catalyst’s work. Prior to this role, Rachel served as Executive Director of a local interfaith community organization holding Miami’s public officials accountable for fair policies and practices, and she consulted on a pioneering youth voting campaign in Oakland, CA. Rachel earned a Master of Public Affairs from the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.