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Invest in Us: Shifting the Spectrum of Financial Wellness Offerings


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Julie Siwicki
Community Economic Development Adviser, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Julie Siwicki is an adviser to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Community and Economic Development team. She specializes in research design and execution, with an interest in understanding the links between household finance, community, and economic mobility. She previously launched the Consumer Insights research initiative at the Aspen Institute's Financial Security Program. Prior to that, she supported the US Financial Diaries project to collect and analyze detailed economic data from 235 families across the country. Siwicki has also worked at microfinance organizations in both the United States and Mali, helping to develop their infrastructures. She holds a bachelor's degree in economics and development from Brown University and a master's degree in public policy and administration from New York University.

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Nia K. Evans | she/her
Executive Director, Boston Ujima Project

Evans has an educational background in labor relations, education leadership, and policy. Her advocacy work focuses on eliminating barriers between analysts and people with lived experiences while also acknowledging the value of diverse types of expertise in policy. She is a co-creator of Frames Debate Project, a multimedia policy debate program that explores the intersection between drug policy, mental health services, and incarceration in Massachusetts. Evans has a bachelor’s degree in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University and a master’s degree in education leadership, with a course of study in leadership, policy, and politics from Teachers College at Columbia University. She also studied at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where she focused on international labor relations.

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Madison Paez | she/her
Co-founder, Guaranteed Income 305

Madi Paez, born and raised in South Florida, is a staunch advocate for the abolition of poverty and the liberation of working-class people across the globe. Firmly rooted in the transformative potential of collective organizing, she co-founded GI 305, a nonprofit community organization which aims to advance guaranteed income in Miami-Dade County neighborhoods most vulnerable to poverty, violence, and displacement. Established in the summer of 2023, GI 305 is Miami's very first guaranteed income program, and only the second in the entire state of Florida. Madi is an accomplished alumna of the University of Chicago, where she pursued a multidisciplinary education in Public Policy, Law, and Sociology. During her academic tenure, Madi was introduced to guaranteed income as a holistic public policy solution. Her senior B.A. thesis, “Cash Transfers and Reentry: Combating the Deadly Symbiosis,” was nominated for the prestigious Taub Thesis Prize. Her academic analysis, coupled with her experiences growing up in South Florida, greatly informed and inspired the creation of GI 305. Prior to founding GI 305, Madi served as the Project Coordinator for the Illinois Justice Project. She represented Team USA at the Pan-American Karate Championships in 2015 and currently trains for triathlons in her free time.

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Chris Moreno | he/him (Moderator)
Director of Financial Capability, Catalyst Miami

Chris serves as Financial Capability Director where he oversees all asset building initiatives that Catalyst Miami offers. In his previous role, he helped create Future Bound Miami, Florida’s first Children’s Savings Account (CSA) program. He is dedicated to enhancing economic stability for all through financial coaching, education, and asset building. Previously, Chris was Director of Social Impact at WorkSquare. He has held several roles within organizations such as Miami Dade College, Branches, and the United Way Center for Financial Stability. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Arts and the University of South Florida with a Master of Education.