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Homestead office


PPE protocol

  • PPE inventory will be kept locked in the waiting room. The Operations/Admin team will have access to the key at all times. 
  • In the waiting room we will have a few masks available for clients and staff if needed (there will be on a basket on the waiting room desk).
  • Every Monday, the Office Manager will refill all hand sanitizer machines and staff desk bottles. 
  • If you see that you are running out of disinfecting supplies prior to that day, make sure to request more.

Sanitation of frequently touched surfaces / high-touch areas

All high-touch areas (e.g. light switches, doors, refrigerator, microwave, printer, etc.) will be cleaned and sanitized by the first staff into the office every morning. 

Office doors: 

  • To the extent possible, we encourage you to avoid touching all high-touch areas, such as doors, throughout the day, and recommend that all office doors are kept open.

Shared equipment:

  • Keyboards, remotes, mouses, etc. (including in the conference room areas) will be sanitized after each use.
  • Printers/copiers will be sanitized after each use. We will have hand sanitizer available for staff to use after each use at the printer/copier machine, as Milner has advised to not use cleaning supplies on the machines.

Restroom and kitchen access:

  • TBD


  • Occupancy limit signage and touch-free hand sanitizer stations have been installed between the elevators on the first and second floor and upon entering each elevator. Hand sanitizer is encouraged to be used before and after each ride.